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Why X May Have Been Left Out of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Where's X?

The Megaman franchise is no doubt in questionable shape right now. Among other events such as the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 and Megaman Universe, the exclusion of Megaman from popular fighting game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has got many fans in an uproar. In particular, Megaman X seems to be the popular iteration of the character that people want to see most. As a fan of the X series, I would no doubt like to see the character represented in one of the most popular fighting games around. However, after some deliberation, I began to see why X was left out.

Zero, who is playable in UMvC3, comprises a mesh of both of X and Zero’s playstyles. While you’ve got Zero’s common saber-swinging, you’ve also got the Z-Buster, which for all intents and purposes covers X’s base style of play in his native games. The playable Zero you get in UMvC3 may have the appearance of his X-series incarnation, but he’s more like his Zero-series/Model-ZX counterpart in that he’s strong as both a close and long-ranged character. Playing X sucessfully in a MMX title consists of skillfully looking for openings and launching charged shots at the right time. Any good Zero player will tell you that this translates to Marvel 3 quite seamlessly.

In fact, the controversial Megaman X costume that he got in UMvC3 made a lot more sense to me once I saw what they were going for with his moveset. Since you’re getting elements of both X and Zero in his gameplay, you can have the choice of which character you’d like to represent when playing him. I honestly don’t believe in the opinion that Capcom was “trolling the fanbase” with the costume. Capcom may not be perfect, but I highly doubt they’re going out of their way to make people angry.

That said, there have been multiple movesets drafted up for X to try to distinguish him from Zero. While X does have an arsenal of armors and weapons that he’s collected over a number of games, the fundamentals behind playing the character still remain the same, and that’s represented pretty well in how Zero’s moveset was implemented. I think at this point, if a 3rd iteration of Marvel 3 were to come to fruitiion, Capcom would be more likely to use another Megaman should he be chosen. Classic, Volnutt, or EXE would all be solid choices that would have their own distinguished playstyles.

While the demand for X is high, at this point I wonder if it’s even practical. The core gameplay of the MMX series is represented with Zero, so there would certainly be more room for creativity in going for another Megaman. Feel free to leave your thoughts/opinions in the comments section!

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