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2400 (B), 2560 (A), 3520 (S)


Wojigairon is easily the largest reaver of all time. He makes his appearance as the guardian of Saul Kada’s Ruins, and he certainly makes his presence known. He appears early in the ruin through the windows in the hallway, smashing through them if he sees you. This honestly scared the you-know-what out of me when I was a kid.

The first time you get to meet him, the room is filled with lava, and thus he can heal by drinking the lava when his health gets low (shouldn’t that hurt him or something?). Once you’ve fixed that problem, however, you are finally allowed to knock him out.


Head Smash

One of Wojigairon’s most common moves is to raise his head high and slam it down hard, causing a shockwave to fly towards you. A simple jump keeps you out of harm’s way.

Cobalt Corona

Wojigairon will often release blue spheres that follow you around a bit. They don’t hurt too much if they hit you, and shooting these will disable them completely.


Wojigairon fires a Flamethrower from his mouth. This isn’t too hard to dodge, as you can simply keep moving to avoid it.

Giant Clap

Should you wander too close to this hulking behemoth, it will proceed to swat you away like a bothersome insect. Staying out of it’s range will keep you pretty safe from this move.

Heat Shot

When his health gets lower, Wojigairon shoots a small fireball that spreads into multiple fireballs on the ground. Simply keep moving for this one.

Good Weapons to Use

Hyper Shell/Buster Cannon

Given his size, a long range weapon is just what the doctor ordered. Most of his attacks can be avoided by hanging back anyway, so this weapon really compliments you in that way. The battlefield is rather large too, so yeah.


Despite his immense size, Wojigairon is pretty easily dealt with. Most of his attacks are easy to see coming, and easy to avoid accordingly. He’s still pretty intimidating, though, and watching him crash the window was pretty scary, although awesome all the same. Wojigairon gets a 9/10 from me!

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