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100 (B), 128 (A), 255 (S)
Type 2: 60 (B), 84 (A), 128 (S)


This review covers the howling Wolfon!

This canine-like reaverbot is first seen in a solo boss fight on the appropriately-named Forbidden Island. Instead of traveling in packs, this reaverbot goes solo, attacking any would-be intruder on-sight. Wolfon goes AWOL up until you get deeper into Saul Kada Ruins, where you encounter a pair of downgraded ones with a red coloration, rushing Volnutt down as he makes his way to the location of the 3rd key.

Wolfon is very one-dimensional in the way it behaves. It lets out a robotic howl, then proceeds to rush you down. The non-boss version will run in circles a few times before making a straight charge for Volnutt, repeating this pattern until it’s put down. The version encountered in Saul Kada has a similar pattern, but it doesn’t circle as much due to the fact that it is encountered in a hallway with far less real estate to get around in.

Dealing With It

Mr. Staple-Remover Mouth is a simple reaverbot with a simple weakness. The best way to take down the Forbidden Island variation is to fire a few buster shots when it lines up with you, then quickly roll out of the way. Shooting it from the side isn’t effective for 2 reasons: Wolfon has a large hole in the center of its body that buster shots will often pass right through, and your shots aren’t fast enough to reliably hit it while it’s running around. You’re forced to play a game of ‘chicken’ with Wolfon, but as long as you don’t get too greedy with the shots and roll in time, you should be good to go. Keep your lock-on function active so that you don’t lose track of it after dodging.

The smaller, weaker version that you find in the fiery furnace known as Saul Kada is much easier to deal with for several reasons. They’re smaller, they have less HP, there’s less room for them to move, and you have offensive special weapons now. Go nuts.

Coming In For A Landing

I really want to like Wolfon, especially as cool as the Forbidden Island introduction goes, but I can’t help but feel as if these guys are just the diet version of Karumuna Bash. The visual design is nice, but another attack or two would have been nice for the sake of variety. I also didn’t see any reason to include them in Saul Kada; they don’t serve a single purpose outside of dying so quickly that you forget about their existence.  Overall, Wolfon rates a 6.5/10 from me.

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