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Yakuto Krabbe


Once Megaman arrives on Manda Island, he finds a familiar face waiting for him in Pokte Village, Tron Bonne! Determined to crush Megaman once and for all, she decides to try to attack him physically as well as mentally during the fight, as she’s nixed your communications with Roll and is using a voice-synthesizer to masquerade as Roll, shouting all sorts of rude and often nonsensical comments. This boss also appeared in the demo as well, albeit a bit more fleshed out in that appearance.

Battle-wise, this over-sized crustacean fights a lot like it’s octopi-like counterpart from the previous game, to the point where it shares some of the same techniques. You’ve also got a similar problem in that there’s a city waiting to be wrecked, although the citizens may or may not be as lucky as before, as she’ll more than likely rip it apart given her improved arsenal.


Machine Gun Barrage

Just like the Feldynaught, Yakuto Krabbe has a machine gun that she likes to use often. It also has two flavors just like it’s predecessor, the first being a straightforward attack that’s launched directly at you, and the second being a spinning spread type shot. The first can be sidestepped, however, she generally likes to mix it up by firing a second wave afterwards that comes from her back; you’re generally better off running away in order to stay a safe distance from the constant spray of shots. The second variation requires precision jumping, as the shots tend to spray in a ‘high-low-high-low’ fashion. The terrain makes this a bit more difficult as well.

Sky Raid

Another blast from the past (sorry!), Tron fires multiple bombs skyward, landing on your current position. Provided you stay in motion, this attack shouldn’t even touch you. It’s also quite rare, as she only does this when you tend to be loitering far away from her.


Tron raises the robot’s arms skyward, bringing them down swiftly and creating 2 short-ranged shockwaves (1 for each arm). Staying out of her breathing room is generally enough to keep you safe. If you destroy the claws, she can’t do this attack anymore.

Flip Jump

Tron does a front flip forwards that’s aimed directly at you; simply move away from your current position to avoid it. Tron is invincible during the duration of this move, and it lasts a bit into her landing, so watch your ammo!

Spin Cycle

In this rather unique attack, Tron first stops, begins spinning in place (similar to her other attack), and proceeds to spin around the entire town, wrecking pretty much every building (and you if you’re standing there) in her path. In my experience, the only safe place to stand in in one of the area’s four corners. Despite how close it might seem, she can’t touch you at all as long as you stay there. She’s also invincible for the entire move.

Good Weapons to Use

Homing Missile

This thing pretty much overrides your buster in this fight, as the last thing you need to do is get close to her. Depending on which mode you’re playing, buying a couple of energy upgrades can help a lot (this is practically a necessity in VH mode), as she can take quite a few hits. Make sure not to shoot at Tron while she’s invincible because you’re going to need as many shots as possible.


The Yakuto Krabbe was a nice boss, and I love the fact that they reused so many elements of the Feldynaught from the first game! What adds to the charm (albeit initial confusion) is Roll’s voice shouting awkward phrases like “pick up some milk on the way home” and “Dinner’s ready Megaman” during the actual battle. I do wish, however, that they had used some of the other elements of this boss that were in the demo (such as it’s flight capability), but it’s otherwise a pretty solid boss. Yakuto Krabbe gets an8/10!

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