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(Screenshot courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station)


This review covers Glyde’s flying mech, Zimmerman!

If Glyde Draches are analogous to the Bonnes’ Draches, Zimmerman is the avian cousin of the City Hall bombing Horunisse. These mechs work to assault and seige Nino Island for its Key, bringing Birdbots into the fray to storm the barricades. Once they’ve made their delivery, they’ll assist the Birdbots by removing boxes, even trying to remove┬áthe Blue Bomber himself!

Like Glyde’s other machinations, Zimmerman sports an obvious bird motif. Its dark orange color, beak, and tail give it a rather duck-like appearance. Glyde sends these mechs in at a seemingly endless rate, continuing to bring in more reinforcements until the repair of the main cannon is fixed.

Dealing With It

Zimmerman is solely responsible for bringing in the Birdbots, and you must deal with them directly if you don’t wish to become overwhelmed. Your best bet is to take them out from a distance, where their threat level is much lower. If Zimmerman takes enough damage while carrying Birdbots, it will stutter and drop its precious cargo into the ocean. Resilient as they are, these mechs will continue with their mission, chasing Volnutt down and taking him for quite a ride if they manage to grab a hold of him.

The Buster Cannon and Homing Missile are excellent choices for this mission. One shot is enough to make Zimmerman drop the Birdbots, and they can easily be finished with the buster. Additionally, while the artillery fire of Nino’s machine guns isn’t particularly powerful, the extra damage does help.

Coming in For a Landing

Zimmerman sports a unique design and serves its role well. The animation for Mega Man getting tossed always quacks me up gets a chuckle out of me, and they can be quite the challenge to deal with if you aren’t prepared. I give Glyde’s flying friend a solid 8/10.




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